Monday, May 28, 2012

05:28:12 [141/365] - Welcome to Roo's room:)

I hope you had a nice extended weekend! Ours was filled with family, friend, California sunshine... and much anticipated new shop website!!! (more to come on this one:)

Tonight... I would love to share a few photos from our little Roo's special room. 

Her bedroom is as big as our bedroom... so it always has felt little too big for a small crib. Especially the eye-level was strange. We had the grown-up size bookshelf and diaper station for standing... then we sat on the floor all the time to play. We were also little tired of the foam mat.

It was time for a change!

I am really glad we waited this long to start investing in her room. She is two week away from turning TWO and we really got to know her personality over time. When FB and I were talking about the direction we wanted to take with her room, we quickly came to the idea that it should feel like a little dessert safari with lots of animals and dry dessert color!

We were anxiously waiting for this rug to come back from cleaning and repairing... then I came across two animal hooks at a local Anthropology store (giraffe and elephant)! I knew that the color and look/feel would be so perfect... I didn't hesitate a bit to get them for her! We didn't notice this right away... but we discovered that the elephant and giraffe hooks matched perfectly to Norm's animal drawings that are so dear to our heart. So now she has a very special art work from our friend Jessie and Norm. A bird mobile from auntie Susan and Turtle Turtle seat from our Art Center colleague... and a few other animal friends here and there in the room!

Eventually... we will upholster the small Japanese couch we have "borrowed" from my parents' house (you know... it will be a long-term lease) and have her transition to a toddler bed... then maybe get a tipi!

For now... it's an awesome comfortable place to hang out for three of us:)


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