Saturday, April 5, 2014

10 month with 5 strong tooth!

Few days ago Coco turned 10 month! So much has changed in one month for her... Her signature one side crawl... her standing legs (so far she loves standing at the table and sandbox).

She so far got five tooth... each of them with lots of teething cry, cold and nighttime waking... We are happy that she seems to be taking her teething break now:)

She is showing a lot of strong personalities lately. Very strong... she would not give up until she gets what she has in her mind and is not shy about letting us know that she is quite frustrated. It will be interesting to watch her dynamic personality to grow and evolve over time.

We are starting to introduce a lot of new food to her. Quinoa and risotto are some of the recent addition to her meals...;although, she probably prefers eating bananas all day long if she could. And new words... "doooggg" was one of the most recognizable first word we have heard from her (Thank you Nerine:). She is in love with Shep... so I am not surprised. She is constantly saying something... and it's cute to hear. I especially love it when I know she is talking to us.. and when we respond, she gives us her biggest smile.

Oh Coco... don't grow up too fast...


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