Saturday, April 5, 2014

How do you collect your inspiration?

Yesterday... I was spending a quiet morning with the girls. It was a slow morning. Tidying up the kitchen, taking care of little things for home... watching the girls play on their own. Mid-morning we took a nice walk to a local library... and there it was... a flood of inspiration. There was a book that was screaming to be picked up. Something I never heard of or expected but it was just right. 

Isn't it nice when we get hit by an unexpected inspiration?? I noticed that these moments do not happen when I am caved into my studio... working. So I am now telling myself that I need some time for inspirational investment even though I would LOVE to have infinite amount of time to work in the studio... if I want to stay creative... and full of ideas, I need to step out of my routine tasks. 

So I will be picking up my camera more often to shoot random encounters of things I find inspiring. Things that evoke and trigger something that might create a creative ripples in me. 

So please pardon some random photos:) 

I also just ordered a portable photo printer so I can watch some of these photos to transform into something more analogue. It's all open-ended... and I am curious to see where it would take me. The journey is the destination, right? 


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