Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Walking through the 1000+ years old forest...

During this trip, Frido is working a lot with a very special cedar from Yakushima - aka. 1000+ years old Yakusugi - so we were thrilled to visit Yakusugi Land where these trees live and breathes with the forest.

With Satchi (walking on her own) and Coco (being on Frido's back), it wasn't really feasible to do a whole day trekking so we picked a relatively easy hike through a well maintained trail.

It was an overcast day so even though it was warm by the beach when we left our home, we needed layers and sweaters once we stepped out of the car in the mountain. It was a relatively accessible hiking trail but the moment we entered the forest, I could feel the difference in the air. The crisp forest air... so clean and fresh. I instantly felt the air coming into my body. The sound of little creeks trickling everywhere... and meeting a large creek nearby. Sometimes the sun would bring some light through the thick forest creating a beautiful contrast between dark forest with moss and sunlit sparkles of the water from the rain night before.

We spent about two hours in the mountain... It's interesting to experience that nature helps us to introspect our life. Maybe it's the scale... maybe it's stepping away from the overload of commercial stimulus... It's somehow very spiritual.

I can't wait to do much deeper hike into the richness of the mountain, the air, the smell and the sound... once girls are little bit older...

p.s Satchi was pretty excited to meet the island deer and monkeys!


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