Thursday, April 24, 2014

drift wood + white interior... zakka shop 2cozo

I love that we can always look for inspiration for Baum-kuchen while we are on the road. It could be a shop, a vignette, a color & material palette... or a concept. 

Since our last visit in 2012, a few new shops and restaurants opened and we are definitely on the lookout! This afternoon we stopped by a very petite "zakka" shop 2cozo (you read it as "nikozo"). Their little space is filled with (also) petite accessories, key chains, a little characters... and a lot of drift woods. 

Everything in their shop is handmade (made in the back of the shop) that uses found objects sourced on the island... and everything seemed to have a special story. It reminded me that how small a "store" can be to exist as a store and going outside of the box (or inside of a tiny box) can be so inspiring. 


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