Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Archiving the treasure from 2013...

Right around the same time... every year... I gather all the treasure from the past year and create a collage of memory... things I want to remember. I used to make a jar for each year but since last year... I switched a gear and have decided to archive them in a more accessible format using MIDORI Bee Notebook.

This process really helps me to organize little artifacts that are too precious to let go... but don't have a permanent locations... you know... things that tend to collect in little corners of the house (everywhere). I am thankful that this notebook gives just enough so it can accommodate slightly three dimensional things like hospital tags from Coco's birth, etc...

Since the notebook gets so "full" after putting everything inside, I usually like to put a secure closure. Last year I made a make shift string and button closure but this year... I was able to use MIDORI eyelet and string sticker to make sure nothing falls out of the notebook. (thank you MIDORI... for making my life easier and simpler).

I like giving each page (an envelope with a window to be exact) a little theme. A page about welcoming Coco in our life (that was a big one in 2013...), our travel, a page about sisterhood, opening the shop... I write a few things around the window on each page to remember why certain artifacts made it to the page with a hope that our girls will someday look back and sense our life in a tangible way.

2013... you were good to us.

In case you are interested, here is a list of tools I used:
MIDORI Bee spiral notebook
Brass alphabet bookmark
Brass number bookmark
MIDORI eyelet and string sticker
mt masking tape
Label sticker / cream
Brass pen


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