Friday, April 25, 2014

Change is the only constant...

An interesting facet of re-visiting the same location is... being able to witness an evolution of places and people. Today we had a chance to meet some of our old friends including Kei-san (Kei Nakamura jewelry) and Togawa-san (Flowers) from two years ago... and it was lovely talking and sharing inspiration and ideas. Being able to evolve takes effort... because it requires us to adopt new ways of doing and thinking instead of doing the same thing over and over but without the change... we get stuck in the same place. We are taking it all in... and brainstorming how all these insights apply to our Baum-kuchen. 

Our trip this time is quite different from the last time we were here for Frido's sabbatical. Frido is making and prototyping using Yakusugi. Satchi is so much older and mature so she wants to be right next to him watching the process... and making something of her own. Also I am taking more time to inhale the whole experience through all senses. This afternoon (while Satchi and Frido were busy making), Coco and I took a walk around the neighborhood. I wanted her to somehow remember this experience even though I know she is much too young to actually remember... but maybe her heart will take some of the impression in. The smell of growing ivy that felt like an early summer, the sound of nature that is so constant... and the indescribable feeling I have about my grandfather's old house (which he built by himself when he first moved to the island almost 30 years ago) that has so much memory from my childhood travel... visiting him with my family... The house is slowly decaying from inside and out and I am not sure how long it will withstand the strong force of the nature on this island... I feel nostalgic because it represents so much of "the beginning" of my grandfather's relationship with this island. 

Change... is the only constant. 


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