Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let the creative process... begin

The difference between a person who is creative and who is not...? The person who is creative just starts creating.

Taking the philosophy seriously..., we turned one pouring rainy day on the island into a beginning of creative journey. A giant dining table in the kitchen is accommodating not only our homemade meals but also bits and pieces of everyone's projects.  Satchi is busy writing her letters on one side of the table, I am journaling whenever I find downtime... and Frido is designing artifacts using Yakusugi (1000+ years old cedar on the island).

To be able to focus on creating and generating ideas... without having constant distraction is such a treat. It feels that the ideas that come from this process is fundamentally different from the others. They feel more open... So we will see where we are at in 3 weeks when we leave the island. Hopefully with a lot to brig home.

For now... I am catching an early snooze since girls keep waking up in very early hours...


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