Thursday, June 30, 2011

a baby to a toddler

Our little roo is changing a lot these days... my little girl.
Oh how much I love her... in a every way she is.

As she becomes more and more confident with walking, I can definitely see that she is  becoming more on her own... She has her (very strong) opinions, her own thoughts and her likes/dislikes. When she gets inpatient, I see myself in her. Actually I see a lot of myself in her. Maybe not the way she looks but her gestures, attitudes and everything in between.

She is one active toddler who is moving every second of her wakening moments. She is here then there... and back here again. Our day evolves around many visits to the kitchen for meals/snacks, playing in the living room, visiting playground, getting muddy in the backyard then a nice splash in the tub. I love checking on her when she is sound sleep at night. I sometimes spend good 15 minutes there before I go to bed just standing by her crib and looking into her calm face.

Yeah. Life will never be the same and there are things I can and can not do these days... but I'm just as complete as I used to be (just in a different way)... and this whole parenthood is truly priceless.



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