Monday, February 27, 2012

Coming soon to the shop! {heirloom for the future... from FLOWERS}

I am really thrilled to share another update for the baum-kuchen shop from Yakushima island! This time... I am introducing the very first product for the baum-kuchen's small customers.



Woodwork studio FLOWERS was introduced to me by Mikako-san from Issou Coffee. The owner Togawa-san and Midori-san have been living/working on Yakushima island as wood artisans for more than 15 years and have established a very successful business here. FB and I were instantly drawn to their un-souvenir like works that are filled with a sense of great humor with timeless craftsmanship quality. 

Few days ago, we had a chance to visit their shop even though their store is still closed for the season. I love their wood shop / workspace that was as down-to-earth as the Togawa-san and Midori-san. Togawa-san was concerned that the studio looked too messy for photographs... but I simply loved it as is. The space was filled with creative chaos and work-in-progress...

Just the way the inspiring work space should be... in my opinion.

After hearing the story about how they started their business and seeing some of their work (both in person and on their website), we have come to a pretty quick decision that their little toy cars and trains made of camphor tree would be so perfect for our shop. You can see the wooden car that we brought home on the very last photo!

The little figures on the car are loosely fit so they bounces cutely as the car rolls! They can also be removed and inserted as a part of the kid's play. Each car/train is handmade by Togawa-san and it shows as an amazing craftsmanship.

I am aware that there are a lot of toys out there... many of which are very cheap and made of plastic. I don't mean to compete with these plastic toy market.. but more to think of the baum-kuchen's toys as heirloom for the future... something kids can play for a long time then become a beautiful object/artifact until it gets passed on to the next generation... that are filled with stories and beautiful memories. Personally, that is the kind of toys I want our Roo to have and play with.


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