Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sunny day... a beach day.

The warmest day of the month? Sure. We will take it:)

Especially at the Elbe beach with a lovely company. Sandy beach, water, few sand toys and ice cream in between... is all kids need to spend hours playing. 

I am wearing my Black Crane Balloon Jumper everywhere this summer and it has not disappointed me during this Germany trip. The outfit is extremely comfortable and easy to move (which is so important when we are with little ones). The silhouette is so distinct and different that I feel like I can wear it anywhere because it does not fit into the conventional clothe rule. It's one clothes I have in my closet that I get asked frequently where I got it from.  So now you know:) I am sure that there will be more pictures from Germany with me wearing it since I have so few outfits in the suitcase! 


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