Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Palm Springs... you rocked!

We needed some scenery change after having a busy summer... so we decided to spend an extended weekend in Palm Springs with Jane & Dale of snug attack (and of course their twins - a.k.a. Satchi's best friends) and my sister Yuko.

We rented a house to make things easier with little ones and took turns cooking meals in a pretty amazing kitchen. Most of the pictures were taken in or around the pool we had in our backyard. That's probably because we were pretty much in the water all the time.

Seriously... renting a house is the way to go with kids. They got to play pretty much all day together in the little corners of the house while grown-ups sipped cocktails and chatted about life. (Actually...I have no idea how we would manage the little ones in a confined hotel room. It will be little challenging).

It was very hot... (at some point, the temperature reached 113 degree!?) but we took it all in as a part of the experience.

Palm Springs... you rocked!


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