Saturday, August 2, 2014

little fish

We are swimming a lot this summer... and girls are getting quite comfortable with water. It's so hard to believe that Satchi couldn't even put her face in the water two month ago!!

And Coco!!!! I watched some parents in the Parents & Me swim class and saw a toddler little older than Coco jumping in the water and swam towards her mom. I started to wonder if the fear of water comes from parents... not from the baby. So I did a little experiment and let Coco's face go under the water when we were playing in the shallow side of the water. She did not cry! Since then, Coco and I have become quite a team under the water. I can help her dive into the water and she can comfortably kick her legs under the water. (of course... I am right next to her and scoops her up from the water in less than 3 seconds or so).

I am so in love with how baby swims in the water... seriously.

p.s. I can't quite figure out if Satchi looks more like Ponyo or Sen (aka. Chihiro from Spirited Away)


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