Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Everything is an adventure

Today we were back to (another) local market to get some ingredients' for dinner. Both girls were somewhat cranky and moody for a while... Coco might have been teething and Satchi... maybe little tired from the travel.

In the midst of the shopping, Satchi and I almost went back to Heidi's car to wait for shipping to finish because she got quite whiney (and I wasn't sure if I wanted to tolerate more whining from her). Then we talked and decided that being in Germany for us is pretty amazing and we should think of it as an adventure. I am glad we stayed because a cup of coffee with cakes as well as a visit to flower vendors were followed.

I have to remember... to be more empathetic to Satchi and Coco's adventure and guide them through the foreign experience and help them see little more even though a part of me believes that they should find what interests them by themselves. Or perhaps be more mindful to share and communicate with them about what brings me smile... like stinky cheese from cheese vendor (they had so many different kinds of cheese. and it smelled amazingly stinky yummy. No joke!)

While we waited for a cup of coffee and cake, Coco and I collected some fallen rose pedals from the front of flower vendor. We brought them them home as a reminder of this morning and to make pressed flowers.

Everything is an adventure...


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