Sunday, August 17, 2014

Traveling with little ones

It's amazing how easy it has gotten to travel with Satchi. We started to notice the shift when we headed out to Japan in April... then our trip to Michigan. Flights we took to Detroit were such a breeze. She read book, tossed and turned for a while on the seat looking outside... then eventually fell in sleep. (and I got to nap too!) I can't wait for Coco to get to the age...

We are heading to Germany on Wednesday and are opting out of digital devices for kids. Few years ago... when we let Satchi use iPad on airplanes, it quickly became binge consumption of media for her and it just didn't feel right. She kept switching back and fourth between different games and never seem to really find a place of peace. It was like digital ADD. I think it's okay for kids to get bored and find some random things to do... out of necessity while staying mindful to other passengers around us. I believe Satchi is at the age where she can actually understand the concept.

Elizabeth of the littlest blog recently wrote a post about traveling abroad with children. After reading through her post, I decided to get the girls a pair of magna doodle. The order just arrived today (thank you Amazon...) and it has already become Satchi's favorite.

As for Coco... I feel she is too young for iPad or mindful attitude in the crowded airplane. We will just have to find ways to embrace the moments with her.

We will see how it goes! Please send us warm thoughts around 9am Wednesday morning:)


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