Wednesday, August 6, 2014

14 months and walking!

On her exact 14th month mark, Coco started taking the real steps forward. It happened during the weekend so all of us were at home to witness her life transform... through the very first step. It was a magical moment. As parents, I feel that the moment was equally as grand as the first step that an astronaut took on the moon.

At 14 month, she can eat much of our table food. In fact, she loves to eat... and I think she sometimes eats more than Satchi does. She is starting to say a lot of cute words like "noorr" (nose), "eyes", "nana" (banana)... and of course our all time favorite "Sasa" (for Satchi).

She loves snuggling with some of her favorite stuffers like her little cat Bella (she calls her nyann nyann), Piglet and Kuma-san (bear for Japanese). Although she doesn't care much about cuddling with us, she likes to give us snug attack and loves our company. She can play on her own as long as we're sitting nearby her. I saw her give kisses to my parents' dog yesterday... and secretly wished that she would give me the kiss.

She is growing... but we still call her our baby:)


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