Friday, August 15, 2014

Inspiration for future travel [The Superior Labor Backpacker]

Palm Springs has such a cool mixed vibe of design, dry desert and pop of colors... We took our brand new Superior Labor Backpacker to test it out in the hot air!

We are already so head over heels for their Engineer Shoulder Bag with its design, craftsmanship and quality... and definitely saying YES to carrying this unique Backpacker everywhere we go with our future adventures because it is totally growing on us.

The unexpected design of the Backpacker is definitely one of the charms we love. From the side it looks like a tote bag with a shoulder strap... but with a surprise option of carrying vertically as a backpack. With previous backpacks we owned, we had difficult time reaching into what was inside of the backpack because they became big buckets that held everything. (Parents with a baby would understand the urgency of getting what we needed when we needed...) So it totally makes sense to us that this Backpacker opens from the side like a tote bag and we can see everything in the bag at a glance instead of opening it from the top and digging through the entire contents to find one thing we are looking for.

In Palm Springs we were able to carry it like a tote bag as well as a shoulder bag using one of the strap... or as a real backpack with both straps. Also the style looked perfectly suitable for a hip hotel (hello, The Parker!) as well as an outdoor adventure. It's definitely "the" bag that makes you want to travel.

We are thinking of taking this to our up-coming Germany trip as our carry-on that holds everything for the family (including our two laptops, a change of clothes for everyone and other bulky necessities like diapers and snacks for the girls) along with our Engineer Shoulder Bag which is one size smaller than the Backpacker to carry immediate essentials like our Traveler's Notebooks, passports, wallets, water bottles, etc.

Stay tuned:)



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