Sunday, August 3, 2014

#packgoodkarma from Baum-kuchen

Ever since I have started growing our team in the studio, I made a switch to more streamlined fulfillment process and am always looking for ways to reduce our errors when we fulfill and ship each package.  

It all has been great in efficiency but I have been missing the "little extra touch" I felt that I put in when I personally wrote every single shipping address. But no productive solution comes out by missing things in the past, right? So instead... I created the "next" version of our fulfillment process.  

It's all about packing a good karma! (the hashtag is #packgoodkarma if you follow us on Instagram:)

So... printed address label. Of course there is a way to add little bit of Baum-kuchen flavor by printing "around" where the actual shipping label gets printed. I am hoping that our customers will know right away that this is from us when they receive the package via a mailman! 

"be the light" sticker is little something I am sharing right now. I made them as samples so quantity is limited but I will keep adding them to the package while supply lasts:) The picture I used for the sticker is from our recent Michigan trip. I am hoping that it will give our customers another way to customize their Traveler's Notebook refill cover (and any other notebooks you might be using).

I also designed few stamps we will be using inside and outside of the packaging. I can never seem to get enough stamps in the shop. 

So if you recently receive a package from us with a new design twist, I would LOVE to hear your feedback! We are always evolving and looking for ways to improve so any thoughts/insights will be super helpful to push us forward!




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