Wednesday, January 11, 2012

01:11:12 [26/365] - inspiration is... everywhere

Today I was glued to my laptop... working on the redesign of a company website. The website is not for baum-kuchen. It's a small gig I am trying to finish before we take off for 3 months.

FB took our roo out so I barely saw them and just worked through the long afternoon. I got out of the couch for the first time when I finally said, "I'm done!!!".

Just when I realized that I had no photos to share from today because I didn't really see anything inspiring... the baby shower invitation from Erin and Courtney made it through the door. It was a ncie mini realization that inspiration can come to our life in all directions... and  I am so thankful that I have very creative friends who make me smile:)

On a totally different note, my recent optometrist visit revealed that I am becoming less nearsighted. My eye doctor asked me if I have changed anything recently since my eyes are little too young to be shifting this way...  and we came to the conclusion that I am with my little roo more and spending less time on my laptop. It's kind of amazing how much body adopts, isn't it?? It inspired me to continue cultivating healthier habits everyday... so I thought I would share:)




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