Sunday, January 29, 2012

01:28:12 [41/365] - My objective... in Japan

A lot of my friends have asked me about "project/s" I would be working on while I am on the road... and I have been rather vague with my answer. I knew... wherever I travel, I will be sourcing new collection for the shop with an eagle eye... but beyond that... it was undefined.

LUCKILY... the recent change of course on our itinerary has totally crystallized my objective for this 2.5 month adventure in Japan - to learn Japanese gestures that are so subtle for tourists to catch, manners that can only be seen when we live and breathe amongst everyone in Japan and the impeccable customer services that manifest from the way people exchange their business cards to the way products are packaged.

As you might have noticed, the baum-kuchen experience I have been crafting for last year or so has been greatly influenced by our Japanese and German backgrounds and I have always thought that "the small details" that are inspired by those cultures are what differentiate our brand from other online retailers in the world...

So this trip will be an opportunity for full immersion research into my ultimate inspiration. I want to discover and document all the nuances in Japanese cultures... to continue inspiring the way we do things at baum-kuchen... from shipment packaging, email correspondences to pop-up shop presentation.

We are still trying to figure out the wifi situation while we are there. We might or might not have full access to upload blog posts, photos, and ideas to share but I will make sure to document it so I can share it with you here on our blog when opportunity arises. 

Please stay tuned!


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