Thursday, January 5, 2012

We are on {Monocle}!!!

Today I have a great news to share with you!!!
4th-market Pera Cotta and Ricotta Milk Pot have been officially featured on the current Monocle magazine as a part of their gift guide! The issue has been out since the beginning of December but I couldn't get a hold of a copy since they come all the way from UK. I think I jumped around a few times at Barnes & Noble when I finally found the page:)

I know it's a small feature... but it means a lot to me. The editor of Monocle mentioned to me that she found us via a popular social bookmark site (I think it was Svpply or Pinterest)... I find it so amazing that a tiny boutique shop like baum-kuchen can be discovered by a big publication like Monocle!!! But I couldn't get the words out all by myself so THANK YOU for tagging us and supporting/sharing our items on your favorite bookmark site.




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