Friday, January 27, 2012

How I am using my Traveler's Notebook

One of my customer Maggie has asked me how I have been using my Traveler's Notebook! So I thought I would share inside of my notebook here!

I have been using this brown Traveler's Notebook for last 3 years and I just can't get enough of it! It goes everywhere as my trusted wallet/sketchbook/agenda all in one!  I carry my Traveler's Notebook by itself to run a quick errand or put it in my bigger bag.

This is a list of what is included in my notebook!
- 2 months diary (this is for organizing my schedule and documenting what I do everyday)
- kraft or blank notebook (for capturing ideas, inspiration)
- card holder (to hold my credit cards, driver's license, etc.)
- zipper case (to carry coins, stamps, etc.)
- large pocket sticker (this holds and secures my 2nd refill)
- Medium pen holder with a brass pen!

So this is how the outside my brown Traveler's Notebook looks like after being worn in for 3 years. I am always surprised how different the leather cover looks when it sits next to the brand new one! I love it:)
When I open my Traveler's Notebook, I have a front side of the zipper case which has a large pocket and use it to keep an inspiring artifact... in this picture - a little note from my mother-in-law.
When I flip the front side of my zipper case folder, I see the front side of my card holder. I usually keep my business cards and label stickers here.
Then I have my first refill, which is 2 month open diary. I use this refill to capture my daily and monthly plan. Here you see the first page of the refill which is a one month calendar. 
I am pretty flexible with the way I use the open page 2 day calendar. I usually give a mini theme to the day and list hours of the day on the left... then fill rest of the page with schedule as well as my to-do list.
Between my two refill notebooks, I have the back side of the card holder and zipper case. This is usually where I keep my "wallet" function. Credit cards, receipts, coins, stamps, etc. etc. all fit here.
 Then I have 2nd refill - kraft notebook.
I glued small Kraft Envelope with String on the front cover of the kraft refill to keep and collect small artifacts.
I am using this 2nd refill for my creative outlets. Sometimes paper samples, sometimes idea sketches, quotes... anything goes.

On the back cover of the leather case, I use a large Pocket Sticker and extra large clip to hold and secure my 2nd refill!

Voila... and this is my Traveler's Notebook as of today!

If you have other creative ways of mixing and matching your Traveler's Notebook, please let me know! I would LOVE to hear it!


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