Tuesday, January 17, 2012

01:17:12 [31/365] - home...

We are glad to be home after a long weekend at my parents' house.

Our departure to Asia is only 1.5 week away and I am feeling a lot of excitement with modest amount of anxiety. I don't think I will ever be perfectly prepared but I want to feel comfortable that I have tried everything to prepare us... especially things for our little roo.

Do I have enough diapers for her? Do I need to take a week worth of dry food for her in case she refuses all foods at our destination? Should I purchase another "blankie" that is the replica of what she has (and carries everywhere)?

Questions are endless... but at the end, I only can do my best and trust that our little roo is a resilient individual who can adopt and get through some changes that is going to happen to her life.


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