Monday, January 2, 2012

Dear "us" in 2012

As we were packing our Christmas decoration yesterday (our little train provided a few more rounds of magic for last few days), I felt like I were packing a special gift for ourselves to open when the next Christmas comes. So I thought it might be a sweet idea to include a letter for ourselves in the Christmas box along with all the precious ornaments so we can open it together in 12 months from today. 

In our letter we decided to list things we want to remember in 2012. 
watching sunrise together.
giving more kisses.
making it nice everyday.
send good karma.
craft memories.
love the unexpected.
be kind to yourself. be kind to others
be silly.
spend time where it matters.
create things. inspire each other.
lead by example.
I hope you are enjoying extra day to celebrate the beginning of a big year!



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