Thursday, January 26, 2012

01:25:12 [38/365] - stalling... and the beauty of option B

So... we "were" supposed to leave to Bali tomorrow at 3pm... and it was going to be a beautiful and amazing trip...

But sometimes life throws a curve ball and we are tested to make a split-second decision to determine where we are heading... and that's what happened to us 2 days ago.

Unfortunately we got robbed by a serial scam artist in Bali who also turned out to be running adult escort service businesses... and possible illegal adultery businesses involving minors and children... Not only they have stolen our money (which was supposed to be for 1 week of villa rental fee which never materialized...) but also know all of our contact info in Bali.

You could imagine how FB and I both got the chill in our spine...   

I am glad we were able to sniff the wrongfulness in the picture and dag out the critical information that was hidden deeply in the world of internet. When we discovered more than several disturbing reports against this Balinese woman and her expat partner from UK, we knew from our heart that we were not meant to visit Bali at this time of our life.

We scrambled little bit but then quickly decided that we now have an opportunity to create a new path, an option B (for better)! And a HUGE appreciation to my family and friends, we were able to arrange (in 24 hours) a stay in Yakushima in Japan where my grandfather was living until he passed away about a year ago. We were there 3 years ago and it is such a special place for us... especially because I have amazing childhood memory on the island. I am really excited that I can show this special place to our little roo... and spiritually visit Jiij (my grandfather).

So we are unpacking summer clothes and swim diapers from our luggage and repacking with thicker and warmer layers. 

Everything happens for a reason... and I am deeply awed by the chain reaction that lead to where we are right now... at this moment.  Luckily nobody has been hurt and we only lost money... which at the end of the day... is just money.

We are excited about bringing lots of inspiration from the island of Yakushima as well as Kyoto and few other cities in Japan (which was a part of our original itinerary)... Our lovely friends will be moving in our house early next week to house/dog sit for us... and we will be off to our spontaneous adventure!


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