Saturday, January 21, 2012

01:21:12 [35/365] - travel in style

I am pretty excited about the spontaneous purchase I made this afternoon. I did work hard before I run into MediaNoche, a cute boutique shop in Eagle Rock... and the anticipation for the trip... brought the sudden surge to splurge. (blah blah blah... I know this is just an excuse:)

I ended up getting this pair of blue ankle boots, a very comfortable top and this cute dress from Fluxus. Fluxus is made and designed in Los Angeles and I especially love their dress collection.

I am all about outfits that work both on my roo days (as a mama) and my work days for the shop! So their tag line felt like it really fit the way I look at my closet these days.

"There is life,
there is art,
and in between
is fashion."

Don't you think it's true? Sometimes "life" takes over the art part of my closet... but that's totally okay because it is a reality and it's still fashion!

I will be traveling in my kind of fashion:)


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