Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flea market finds: {Vintage German backpack + photography light}

I LOVED strolling through the Rose Bowl Flea Market this morning with FB and roo as one of thousands shoppers!

Whenever we find a jewel in the midst of chaos, we looked them super carefully, checked with each other if it would be "right" for us... then made decision to take it home to adore.

Here are two of my favorites from today's findings!

Vintage German Backpack
We originally thought this backpack might be just perfect for carrying FB's 13" mac air... but it turned out to be 1/4" too small when we brought it home... then we realized that it would actually be perfect for carrying a notepad and pencil case as a field back when he does sketching! I really can't believe how well made this backpack is. All the stitching, metal fasteners, leather surface are in the perfect condition and it has few names crossed over (possibly went through multiple owners?)... then the fur surface on the back!! Such a great treasure with a lot of unique characteristics.

A photography light with a vintage wooden tripod
This beautiful industrial light also caught our eyes. The metal light is polished by a designer and mounted on a wooden tripod with intricate collapsible hardware mechanisms. I think we are gravitated to this era of the American Industrial Design. They are sturdy, minimalistic yet very functional. Oh and how much I love the dramatic lighting effect we get at night!


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