Sunday, January 22, 2012

01:22:12 [36/365] - count down!

I apologize if you are already tired of reading my pre-travel madness. If you are..., you could perhaps visit the blog once again in a week or so when we will actually be in Bali?

We are now counting down our departure day in one hand! We started packing this afternoon and it made me feel TONS better. Initially I wanted to take a suitcase full of clothes... but after careful consideration, I shrank my portion of the suitcase into 1/4 of a check-in luggage. That's pretty good, right considering we are gone for 3 months? The rest will be filed with little roo's necessities (like diapers AND swim diapers, dry foods, portable crib, blankies and more diapers).

Because I am sharing my suitcase with roo (and my portion is 1/4...), I am only taking bare minimum which resulted in layers of gray outfits, white linen top/bottom and a few colorful accents. Packing light has become my mission now!

We're going to a warmer place than LA so the fabrics are mainly light, wrinkle free and breathy and that makes me smile:)

Almost... almost...

p.s. I am still taking orders at our shop until this Tuesday. If you are a Traveler's Notebook user (like me:), please make sure to check your refill!


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