Thursday, January 19, 2012

01:18:12 [32/365] - new routine + book

We have enjoyed our roo's low-maintenance early bed time for a very long time... Everyday, she went to bed around 6pm and put herself to sleep with a few books in the crib. I especially loved it when she said "bye" to me flipping through her book (eyes on her book, hands waving to me). Those days might be over for now.

New routine goes..., mama or papa must stay in her room until she completely falls in sleep.

If we step out too early, she would jump out of her blanket and cry endlessly. We come back to her room, she drops herself into the blanket. We suspect that she is going through a huge growth sprout (she did grow 1.5" in 1 month), aching from the last round of teething, and possibly feeling the anticipation of our big trip... so she needs extra comfort.

Staying in her room until she falls in sleep (could be 30 min... could be 1 hour) is not as convenient as saying good bye and leaving the room but I don't mind it much. It's really sweet to watch her sleep (I am surprised that she moves a lot... just try to fall in sleep) and I know this is a phase and I will miss it when she grows out of it.

So I enjoy reading my book while I wait her to snooze. I just finished reading The Empty Mirror (recommended by my mother-in-law) and am onto the next one. Who knows... I might be able to hit one of my Inspirational Investment goal "Read 12+ books" much quicker than I anticipated.


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