Thursday, March 21, 2013

Add colors to your spring!

Just in time for the first day of spring...
We added a whole new palette to Paper Twine collection by Paperphine! Photographing pretty things must be one of my favorite parts of the shop duties... I had a lot of fun getting lost in these colors and finding different ways of capturing their pretty.

I know it's still cold and wintery at many parts of the world (Frido just talked to his family in Germany and they told us that they are still very deep in the winter... and Susan!! You know I am thinking of you and your soon-to-be spring garden when I see these colors!)

I hope they will bring some brightness to your day and whimsical creativity to your imagination:)


new colors at shop:
Orange (sun flower!!)
Dusty Pink (think muted cherry blossom)
Pure Blue (I dream of Hawaii beach... when I see this color)
Grey Blue (gentleman's spring suits)
Dark Blue (when you look up the sky after sunset)
Dark Green (spring moss)


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