Monday, March 11, 2013

It's a family business:)

Baum-kuchen's LIFE's Journey measuring stick got a really nice feature at Remodelista on last Friday so I was happily swamped with shop work over the weekend while Frido built the last bit of the deck outside. Roo went back and forth between outside and inside "helping" us! Usually I don't do much of shop work when Roo is with me... but this weekend was a bit of exception since I knew I would fall behind little too much if I waited until Monday morning when Roo went back to school.

So I packaged and prepared orders on one side of the desk and Roo made her "airplanes" with a paper and tape. To my surprise, she was pretty happy doing what she was doing. I am surprised... because she never seemed to get into drawing when I prepare a kid's friendly drawing session with her on my off day...

... which totally makes sense.  She much rather watch, learn and do what I do as my normal work routine... than doing a play-draw.

So it was a productive weekend for all of us and Roo and I had most interesting conversation while working with hands. At some point she was asking me about the day her sister will born and how she would like to come to the hospital with me. I explained to her that I would have to work really really hard on the day and it would be better if she could stay with someone special at home and come and visit us when we are all finished with work... and we all will go home together. She sort of nodded her head.

p.s. we are restocking LIFE's Journey right now. We will start taking PRE-ORDER as soon as we can:)  So please stay tuned!


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