Monday, March 18, 2013

last seven days...

Hello, gloomy Monday.

This is how our last week and this past weekend looked like when I was not working... '

I can't tell you how happy I am to restart our special weekly playdate with our favorite twins (if you have twins or know someone with twins, you have to check out their twin apparel shop:). After taking a big month and half off due to our sick days... it felt so refreshing to see them play together. We spent most of the day out on the deck... kids running around the yard, watering the vegetable garden, picnicking with a blanket. Now Roo is nearly three and twins are three and half, they can play for hours without needing much help. I think nobody really had a meltdown for the entire day and that makes mamas very happy... if you know what I mean:)

Aside from my Tuesday off with Roo..., both Frido and I felt like we were working every available minutes of the week... so we took a breather with an ice cream at a local park... just two of us:) We did end up talking and brainstorming about Baum-kuchen (can you blame us?? we love our shop:) but it was such a fun treat. We love our local creamery Carmela so much. If you are nearby, I highly recommend trying them out for this summer.

Other highlights included..., attending a birthday party for Roo's friend (a total sensory overload for both parents and kids... but I know little ones all had fun time:), an adventure in little Tokyo and my first acquisition of a fountain pen - more to share on these topics!!

This week... I am looking forward to doing little more "good for my body (and a baby)" kind of stuff.  I have difficult time squeezing mid-day yoga in my schedule right now... but it will be so nice if I can at least take a walk for 30 minutes or so everyday. We will see!

Have a very lovely week:)

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