Friday, March 22, 2013

Ready to get creative? MIDORI Spiral Notebook!

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so many friends who LOVE stationery! It's little bit like an obsession, isn't it? I have few friends who collect beautiful stationery (we talk about how we are going to display and be immersed in these stationery in our future life)... then I have other friends who get really hands on with them. I kind of like both and maybe that's why I have the Baum-kuchen shop. I do shop often at my own store if you haven't noticed:)

I seriously can't wait to break into these MIDORI Spiral notebooks I just added to the shop in the near future!

MIDORI Elephant Spiral Notebook comes with heavier weight papers in grey. Just like the name of the notebook suggests..., it is inspired by a graceful and sturdy elephant that travels the land slowly but steadily. I have a big plan for sampling this notebook... which is perfect for collaging and scrap booking.

MIDORI Camel Spiral Notebook... inspired by the textures and colors of dessert landscape. I always felt that the paper that was not pure white is easier to break in... (you know the fear of blank paper??) so this notebook will be perfect for letting the creativity loose and free.  Just have fun with it:)


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