Sunday, March 3, 2013

Birthday flowers - therapeutic for the soul:)

We always think hard about what to give as gifts... We want to do our best to share something that is thoughtful, personal and fitting for the occasion... and it's sometimes hard to find "the one".

So for my mom's birthday (happy birthday, mom!!), I decided to make a special flower delivery!  It was so fun picking a special color theme (yellow-orange to brighten up mom's day:) and very very therapeutic to sit on the patio and play with flowers...

At some point, Roo got curious and requested that she would get her own flower vase. So we gave her a little jar with water. Immediately she got to work! She was very selective with which flower to use for her bouquet and watched me intensely so she could follow exactly what I was doing. I was pretty thrilled that she was interested in "making" it hers.

I think my mom liked it (especially with a special delivery and a hug from Roo:) and I was able to fill a small glass jar with left over flowers for home... so I think it was win-win for everyone!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend:) xoxo


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