Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baum-kucheh... work in progress!

There are A LOT of development going on at Baum-kuchen right now!

Since LIFE's Journey has been doing so well, we are super energized to continue designing our original items. There are few products that are very close to be launched. As a part of process, we are starting to meet new local craftsmen... and visiting their shops has been feeling a lot like going to a candy store:)

We are also a nano-millimeter away from finalizing our new brand identity. Going through branding exercise to define who we are as a brand and what our visions are... have been a tremendous milestone for me and Frido. It's like we knew all the ideas and information intuitively in our heart but this is really the first time that we are articulating them so clearly. I hope that a result of this process will bring much more inspiration and joy to everyone who interacts with our brand... including our customers.

So yeah... stay tuned!!!

Below photo is Frido holding a prototype of our new product at a leather craftsman's workshop last week.


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