Friday, March 15, 2013

last seven days... (last week)

oh... how nice it is we have more daylight during the day!
Transition from winter time to the spring time has been little exhausting but we are loving the deck time in early evening (with plenty of sunshine!!)

Last week was (hopefully) our last push for getting well. Last Monday..., when we thought all humans got healthy and happy, Shep got really sick in his stomach. It was so hard to watch him getting weaker and weaker by minute... we ended up taking him to an urgent animal care on Monday evening (and paid the priceless amount) so he could get through the night. Thankfully, he spent a night at the urgent care with IV and came home with little more energy next morning. Then we took him to our regular vet to evaluate his test results. We don't know exactly what happened. It could have been something he ingested by accident... But now after 10 days from the first incident he is back to normal and happy. A HUGE relief of sigh.

And there was this amazing feature of LIFE's Journey at Remodelista! We are anxiously waiting for new inventory to come... so we can meet the demand. It has been such a blessing to hear all the great feedback about this product Frido worked so hard on.

Midst of everything, we launched a new brand identity for Baum-kuchen. More to share on this topic... but the task of implementing the new identity has added a lot of little "to-dos" on my list and  it feels like I have not put down my laptop for a whole week.  

For now... it feels like we are coping with the anxiety of pre-baby phase by staying focused on our Baum-kuchen.  I know it's not necessary the best way to go at tackling the prenatal phase but it works for us... at least for now:)

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend coming up and I can't wait to share more from this week on upcoming Monday!!!


 more photos after jump!


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