Monday, March 18, 2013

Good bye, plastic:)

We recently cleaned up our kitchen cabinet... and managed convinced to free ourselves from most of kid's plastic bowls and plates!

Since the cleanse, Roo has been using her ceramic Peter Rabbit plates (thank you Omi:) and a ceramic red cup at her mealtime!

The big thing for Roo now is her obsession of a folk and knife. She learned how to cut her food with a knife... and now can't get enough of slicing everything she has on her plate. Time to time I have been little concerned... that her fierce force of cutting might do some damage to those special plates.  Then I thought... how perfect the MINOTAKE bamboo plates could be for her! I wouldn't have to worry about her cutting (breaking) through the plates since they are durable and they are so easy to clean afterward. 

So now she uses her MINOTAKE small square plate and grown-ups complement hers with the large square ones! I am ecstatic... as you can imagine. Our tablescape is once again... plastic free yet kid's friendly:)

Here are some snapshots from our Sunday breakfast. We have been doing a lot of omelet lately especially with avocado. I just love how special it feels when I make an omelet for everyone.

Guten Appetit!


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