Friday, March 29, 2013

Letting a bird fly...

Our little Roo is indeed growing up...
In past one month... she effortlessly graduated from her diaper routine (A HUGE HOORAY!! and we really didn't do anything. She kind of took a lead on this). She also transitioned from simple food to a table food just like how grown-ups would eat.

She is learning a lot from her friends and teachers at school and we are really celebrating the process... I am so glad that we did spend her first two years tight as a family. But now she is nearly three, she is so excited to learn new things from all kinds of different influences.

Here is her newest trick from school.

... at a dinner table. We are all sharing a bowl of soybeans.

Roo: "Guys! Who wants this soybean?? Raise your hand." while holding one soybean up in the air.
Me: "I do! I do!! I want the soybean".
Roo: "Okay. Talk about it!" (in her "teacher" voice)
Me: "huh?? talk about it??? about soybean??"- couldn't stop laughing. 
Me: "I want the soybean because it's good for my body".
Roo: "Good. Here is your soybean!".

We never mentioned "Talk about it!!" phrase at home so I know it came from her school. There are whole bunch of stuff like this that is starting to flow into our household and it has been fun to observe and understand.

A part of me... of course... wants to hold her back and keep her in our comfortable nest... but I know she has her own destiny and future that is truly hers... and our goal as parents is to raise an independent individual who can eventually make decisions by herself with confidence. As she grows more and more, I know our shared time will be less and less... but I promise to her and myself that we will always be there for her as an adviser, a counselor and always... as a papa and a mama who simply and unconditionally love her as who she is.

We love you, Roo:)


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