Monday, March 4, 2013

last seven days...

Hello, Monday:)

How was your last seven days??

It was up-down week for us (once again!). We started off the week well but Roo and I took turns getting sick throughout the week... but I am happy to report that it's a new week and we are all feeling back to normal!

Lately... Roo has been obsessed with her photo albums! We made books with Pinhole Press to archive each year of her growth and those are her favorite books right now. She especially LOVE looking through her baby photos. It probably has something to do with her anticipation of welcoming her baby sister. We are happy that we didn't let these photos sit on our laptops... So essential to archive few important things in analogue formats, isn't it??

Over the weekend, we celebrated my mom's birthday. It's always a big treat for Roo and us to get together with the family (even though family relationship does get more complicated as we all grow older... do you notice that with your family??). Roo LOVES her aunties and grandparents and it was really neat that she really picked up a lot of Japanese during our short visit this time. Oh... and let's not forget my little sister is such an amazing pastry chef. Her cheesecake?? Seriously beyond this world.

We are working extremely hard and diligent on new original products and redesign of brand identity. I am so happy to be surrounded by such a talented team! More to come on a separate post... please stay tuned for some exciting updates:)

I hope you have a lovely week coming up! Let's make it a good one, shall we??



p.s. our deck got stained on last Friday... (by my amazing husband) and now in the process of getting the very final touch - stairs!!

more photos after jump:)


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