Friday, March 1, 2013

Adding few eye catchy MIDORI and Traveler's Notebook items!

I am excited to share few MIDORI and Traveler's Notebook eye catchers that have been JUST added to our shop!

First off...
There are three new roll stickers that will surely inspire your Traveler's Notebook customization (and traveling itch!!). A set of vintage stamp inspired stickers, circle greeting stickers and airline inspired stickers! I love how they come in self contained 'drafting dots' inspired containers. It makes so easy to peel them off from the backing sheet! (and I was once studying architecture... so extra love here:)

I am expecting to stock few more variations of stickers but here are three to enjoy for now!

I SO wish I had these self-adhesive Eyelets & String stickers when I made this notebook! I know these clever tools will come handy on my desk since I tend to like my sketchbook to be really really full when it's done. I not only draw/write... but paste and insert all kinds of information in my book. (are you like that too???)  So they usually end up NEVER closing by itself... I also can't wait to come up with other clever ways of using them! These Eyelets & String stickers come in black, brown (picture below) and blue grey!

Happy Friday everyone:)


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