Saturday, June 25, 2011

Awesome resources for {Traveler's Notebook}

I think there is a huge cult around Traveler's Notebook! The idea of journal(ing) and travel is so universal... it's simply inspiring to feel like we can be a part of big creative community. Here are some great links that might inspire your Traveler's Notebook adventures!

Traveler's Notebook Flickr group has over 1000 photos submitted by the TN fans all over the world! I just added some of my photos there! If you want to get inspired by how others are customizing/using their Traveler's Notebook, this is a great place to check out.

MIDORI download: Midori's Traveler's Notebook official site has some very useful resources and this is one of them. You can click an image and it will automatically download a pdf version of the insert. Here is a list of what might be useful for you!
2011 calender (2nd section under the Japanese subway maps), World map/time (3rd section),  Size conversion (5th section), Travel information page (6th section), Travel plan (7th section).

Traveler's Notebook Pro User: This is also a part of Midori's official site. Click an image and you can see how artists, designers and other selected users are using their Traveler's Notebook.  You can also read little bit about their stories (it's in Japanese)

Everyone's customization: Midori's official site with TN fans submitting their Traveler's Notebook customization photos! There are some really clever ideas here. I can probably spend hours just going through these pages.

Please feel free to comment or shoot me an email if you know any other TN websites/links!  Happy traveling:)
Traveler's Notebook


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