Saturday, June 4, 2011

it's the little thing that counts...

I'm not sure if I shared this here but I am taking a digital photography class right now. So every Thursday night I am sitting in the computer-filled classroom for three hours. It's so refreshing to be on the "other side" of the desk since I have been teaching a design class for last four years. I believe I make a pretty good student. I sit in the front raw along with two older gentlemen, take vigorous notes and (sometimes) raise hands to ask questions.

Although... come 10pm when the class is about to be over, I am half asleep over the keyboard. Last Thursday was especially hectic between little roo, work, playdate, doctor's appointment... so when I took a nap towards the late afternoon, I was out for good and FB totally forgot that I had a class. 30 minutes before my class began I woke up frantically and rushed out of the door. Since I didn't have a whole a lot to eat, FB packed a quick sandwich for me. It was a life savior... and I loved the detail he put in to make it little extra special.

It's the little thing that counts, isn't it?



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