Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcomign new Traveler's Notebook refills/accessories

Traveler's Notebook has been receiving very positive feedback from everyone so I am thrilled to share that we now carry additional refills and accessories for the collection!

Honestly... I can't wait to use some of these new refills and accessories myself!

p.s. Just in case you are wondering... we also carry Traveler's Notebook passport size as well as 5th year anniversary edition in Camel.

Purchase Information:
Price: $6+ (Traveler's Notebook refills and accessories)
Availability: shop

Pen holder (S): Just in case you need to jot down some thoughts on the go... you will need a little leather companion for your Traveler's Notebook. This small pen holder clips onto the TN leather cover and can hold the "clip" part of the pen (see the second photo). A handy tool! Available in black and brown.
TN Pen clip (s)TN Pen clip (s)

Heavy weight sketch notebook refill: Do you remember my little water color experiment in Hawaii? Well I used this sketch notebook refill as my travel journal. Papers in this refill are a lot thicker than any other refill notebooks so it can take quite bit of wear. (perfect when you're traveling:) I also used a few pages as my destination postcards since pages on this notebook can be easily teared off with pre-perforated edges. Perfect, right?
Hawaii memory on Traveler's Notebook

KRAFT notebook refill: I can't wait to use this KRAFT notebook when I finish my current refill!  I love the nostalgic feeling of these papers. Isn't this simply beautiful?TN KRAFT refill

Free weekly diary: This refill will be perfect if you need to keep track of your schedule! I think the cover for this refill is one of my favorite - French gray with a touch of textures. I also think the last page with travel information is going to be really handy when we're on the road (or in the air)!
TN Weekly diaryTN Weekly diaryWT_110621-066.jpg

Free monthly diary: My friend Jane told me that she is looking forward to using this refill as her agenda/task list. I am dying to give up digital calendar just so that I can use this... There is something beautiful and tactile about leaving imprints of the day in analogue way. Don't you think?
TN Monthly diary - montly open pageTN Monthly diary - 6 month agenda pageTN Monthly diary - world map

Pocket Sticker (L) : This is a very handy accessory! I am using it as a way to hold second refill notebook in my leather case but I have also used it to keep all things small/loose in one place! It's self-adhesive so you can also place this directly on the refill notebook!
TN Pocket Sticker

Card holders:This smart insert holds 12 business card size goodies! Credit card, small tickets, little memo... you name it!
TN business card holderWT_110623-011-Edit.jpg


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