Friday, June 24, 2011

creativity? productivity? sure...

Happy Friday everyone:) 

I am so glad that it's Friday... and really happy that we got a lot of stuff done this week. All new shop updates are finished for now (although I still need to do a blog post about new Traveler's Notebook refills and accessories), I think I did all right for my photography class assignment... and I am working away for the up-coming wedding reception.

Well... let me share my new productivity strategy. My pretty work space and chalk board coffee cup!

I've always sort of worked in our sun room which we dedicated it as a dining room when we bought this house. We have one big table but the space was never fully utilized so it sort of became a landing spot for all things clutter... I think we ate dinner in this room 3-4 times in past year? Plus having a bulky table in the middle of room with walking toddler is just not a good idea. So while FB and roo run their Sunday errands, I shuffle the space and called it my own! So now I have a fully decked digital station with my laptop hooked up to a big monitor and tablet and enough space for all the other creative tasks to happen. I LOVE IT! I didn't realize how much I missed having my own station until I actually got it back. I feel so much more zen working here now...

Then we got this cute little coffee cup with a chalkboard surface and I have been writing down one thing I need to get done for the day. Earlier this year I was writing 3 things/day on my list but I am little more realistic now... and surprisingly it has been working so far. Maybe I should take a picture of the daily chalkboard note with the background of what I have accomplished. Wouldn't that be fun?



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