Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{currently in love with...} the Master Chef contestant Alejandra.

Hi guys! Are you watching The MasterChef Season 2, the cooking show where amateur cooks competes for the ultimate MasterChef apron? OH let's not forget that they are cooking for Golden Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich (gotta love his facial expression when he tries the contestants' food).  Today I would love to share someone very special with you. My friend Alejandra is one of the 100 contestants who has auditioned! Her first audition episode was aired last Tuesday and YES. SHE HAS RECEIVED HER APRON. She was the very last one on the episode and it was so exciting to watch. Even through the screen I could feel the intense air and how nerve wrecking it must had been... I totally cried in front of my laptop when the judges were blown away by her shrimp dish.

She also has a lovely blog called cook global eat at home where she shares her recipes from around the world. She is such a passionate person... one of those great friends who inspires me just by being around her.

So if you have time to tune in for up-coming MasterChef episodes, join me to cheer her journey!

photo of Alex from alejandraschrader.com


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