Thursday, June 23, 2011

tiny place {Wood Spoon}

Yesterday I was in jury duty...

Oh great.. all day in the waiting room in the middle of LA downtown, right?? But my lovely girlfriend Penelope who lives only a few blocks away from the court building spontaneously agreed to head out for a lunch with me. She brought such a fresh breath of air to my long day...

She is my foodie friend so I always know that I am in good hands when we eat together. The moment court assistant announced the lunch break, I rushed out of the building and we headed out to this tiny little Brazilian restaurant called Wood Spoon.

This place was cute! Rustic yet vibrant. I loved that they had pillows on all the benches adding colors and textures to go with all these beautiful sunflowers. Their cinnamon infused water was so unexpectedly refreshing. I would have to try making a batch at home!

I tried Brazilian chicken pot pie and I have to tell you... there was nothing left on my plate when we were leaving. I never knew that there can be so much flavor in the pot pie. This lunch totally fueled my afternoon.

Well... we also talked about their up-coming 5th year wedding anniversary party! Yes. After Moroccan wedding reception in July, I will be styling another very ethnic (and fun) themed party for them. AND let's not forget my friend Alex who is totally rocking on Master Chef will be helping them out with the food component! Oh I know this is going to be a good one!!! More details to come but you know I am giggling:)



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