Friday, June 10, 2011


It's been kind of crazy out here. Little roo's birthday prep has been in a full production mode with food/drink preparation, outdoor tent, garlands for all corners, little favors for little roo's friends, etc. etc.

Thanks to my sister who drove all the way from San Diego to spend some time with little roo this afternoon while I buried myself into the pre-day production..., I am kind of done with everything I need to do for tonight. Tomorrow I will need to touch up on the last round of details, FB will be in charge of food prep and we're done:)

I've had so much fun getting ready for this party... I am still kind of giggling. A lot of cute little details and layers of happiness:)

FB and I were going to ditch the whole concept of favors but we came up with a totally last minute idea over breakfast this morning and somehow (I think) it all came together.  I love it when our creative wavelength is in sync. Magical things can happen when we're high on the creative rush like that... if you know what I mean:)

Tomorrow we celebrate our little roo's very first birthday and a year of amazing parenthood!



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