Sunday, June 26, 2011

Very special 1st birthday!

Finally!! I have photos to share with you from little roo's birthday party! My little sister Naru was the official photographer of the event and she took over 400 photos! Thank you so much Naru! It was so much fun to see the party from a different perspective. I had no idea little roo was totally socializing with everyone.  (no wonder she was never with me during the party:) I took a good 2 hours to sort through all the photos and have picked some of my favorites to capture the moments and vignette/details from the party.

So here they are!

Inspired by my mother-in-law, it's kind of our tradition to create a little shrine for a birthday boy/girl.  So I created a (giant) shrine for little roo to celebrate her very first 12 months. Remember me sewing away these canvas printed photos? So I was able to line up very special thirteen photos from each month of her 1st year against our thick hedge along with a very beautiful birthday banner our friend Susan made for little roo. Then I set up a little table to display artifacts from her year including a special frame with her very first clothes and an album I made for the first year via blurb.


Beautifully packaged banner we got from Susan. Thank you Susan for sending this all the way from Detroit.

Then totally in a last minute... we decided to put together a small potting area that goes with a theme of party flavors for kids. A garden table, a tin water can and a bucket full of soil accompanied with small pots filled with a flag with a name of little roo's friend, a shovel, magic beans(!) and a treasure stone! Seriously you can't go wrong with the dirt/pot for kids and I thought it was a cute way to provide a fun activity for little ones:) Even the older kids were into planting their seeds so I think it was a success.

To frame the area, I made a mini garland with alphabets. (and you thought I made enough garlands:)

This super mom of twins are always prepared:) Thank you Jane for bringing out the magic (and edible) bubbles! 

Inspired by this super cute book, I made another activity area where kids can do a mini blueberry picking! A way to utilize all the assets from our backyard, right?

Food was amazing. We prepared a crape buffet with all kinds of toppings and asked my dad to be a crape master! He was totally a pro by the end of party. My mom (aka grandma mimi) brought special Japanese dishes and we tried some amazing dishes cooked by Alex! Naru baked three kinds of cakes (including little roo's birthday cake:) and our lovely friend Penelope put together her famous lemon raspberry cupcakes all fancied up in an individual box as favors for guests to take home. Thanks to all out friends/family's help, we were able to feed 40+ guests with delicious foods:)  Thank you mom, dad , Naru, Alex and Penelope! You guys are the best!

We had so much fun at her party and are so proud of being her parents.

Happy birthday our little roo. We can't wait to celebrate another birthday with you!

-little roo's mama


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