Thursday, February 2, 2012

02:02:12 [45/365] - story of life

It gave me a chill when we finally saw the Yakushima island from our tiny airplane... after going through a very thick cloud. I thought we would not make the landing because of the high wind... I remembered exactly how my grandfather, Jiji, picked us up last time from the airport three years ago... only this time... we are minus Jiji and instead... plus little roo.

We had a big dinner at Makoto-san's house after we got picked up from the airport... Makoto-san was Jiji's closest friend on the island. I think we were truly looking forward to hearing stories of Jiji from Makoto-san.

Stories of what Jiji said, what he believed and what he wanted to share with his family... I am sure we will hear more of them in next one month while we are staying here.

Earlier this morning... roo, FB and I were admiring beautiful koi fishes in Tokyo... I told FB that I think that the shadows of a koi fish actually makes the koi fish itself be more beautiful... because they are crisp, pure and a representation of what koi fish itself is...

I think that the same is true for our life. We share our lives for certain amount of time here with our friends and family and what is beyond that is all about what is left as shadows... as stories.

p.s. roo has done astonishingly amazing throughout this long journey! she barely cried on any flights and kept a very good spirit through all the new situations. I am so proud of her:)


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