Sunday, February 19, 2012

02:19:12 [63/365] - Spirited... and sacred

The movie My Neighbor Totoro has always been my inspirational lighthouse... and we have someday wanted to live in our version of "Totoro house".  When we decided to change the course of our trip and stay on the Yakushima island, we have figured that my grandfather's house on the cliff would be as close as it gets to live in the Totoro house!

This whole island feels like it comes from a bits and pieces of Hayao Miyazaki's movies...

In fact, the waterfall we have visited other day was the inspiration for a little girl's name in Spirited Away movie... and the forest on this island has inspired the landscape of Prince Mononoke.

Driving around the island only takes about 2-3 hours but it has so many facets to the scenery. It was sunny in one stretch then started hailing as we continued to drive... we saw monkeys and deers... 120 years old lighthouse and a long stretch of beach.


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